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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with business owners in every  Niche?

I only work with online based business owners. My focus is on service providers but I also work with business owners that offer virtual products (Such as memberships and digital downloads) and not physical products.

Do you code custom Websites?

No, I do not code custom websites. I only work with clients who need or use WordPress websites designed with drag and drop WordPress page builders.

What tools do you use to design Websites?

I design websites with WordPress and Divi builder. I am also open to any other WordPress page builders you may prefer, like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer e.t.c

Do you provide copy for client’s Web Design projects?

No. I believe each business owner knows their audience more than I do and are in a better position to handle or outsource the copy for thier projects.

Do you provide domain and hosting management services?

No, I do not provide domain and hosting management services. I always advise my clients to have full control of their domain and web host registration. I can recommend suitable domain and host providers for your business.

Additionally, I am able to provide support and troubleshooting for any domain or server related issues, regardless of where they are hosted.

How do we Communicate and Collaborate?

I manage all project documentations within a C.R.M. called Dubsado. For Collaboration, I work with a Project Management tool called Asana although I am open to other preferences you may have.

How do you track time?

The C.R.M. we will collaborate with (Dubsado) has an in-built timer which will be used to track hours billed for your projects. It will also seamlessly integrate the billed hours to your invoice.

If  I have multiple websites can you work on them as part of the same retainer?

 Yes that is not a problem at all.

What if my hours finish before my next billing cycle?

If you exhaust your hours before the end of the month, you will have the option of adding a few extra hours to complete your tasks for the month.

Do my hours roll over?

Yes they roll over. If you ever decide to cancel, the rolled hours will be lost but you can always use them before canceling.