Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

Academy Course Programs

What exactly is the Profitable Stationery Academy?

What exactly is the Profitable Stationery Academy?

The Profitable Stationery Academy is a collection of insightful courses, commercial right templates and  sales/marketing strategies  that teach you how to create and build passive income with simple lifestyle stationery products.

Are the courses self-paced?

Yes. Every course is self-paced so that you can you can learn in your own time and schedule.

What format are the courses delivered in?

Each course is delivered with a series of videos, text summaries and PDF worksheets.

How long do I have access to a course?

You get a life time access to any course you purchase.

What will I learn from the courses?

Depending on the course you take, you will learn:

  • How to create digital and printable stationeries to sell on various online market-places or your own website.
  • How to to create digital stationeries to sell on different print on demand platforms.

Every course will show you the best strategies to list, market and promote your products.

Simply put, you will learn how to tap into your genius zone and create a source of passive income for yourself with simple stationery products.

I've got no design skills, can I be successful at creating digital stationeries?

I can teach you how to get started even if you have zero graphic design skills. Every resource, tutorial & template I will be providing you with, will make it easy for you to create your first product and launch your store in a short period of time.

Becoming a succesful digital stationery seller goes beyond being a good designer. You are creating valuable products that will help your customers stay productive and aligned in various areas of their lives therefore I will be teaching you how to create products for their functionality as against creating products for just design visuals and aesthetics.

Do I need to purchase any software to be able to take the courses?

I try as much as possible to engage the courses with free tools (or free versions of premium tools). Based on their uses, these are the tools and platforms you get to learn and use:

Design Tools – Canva , Apple Keynote and Book Bolt.

Keyword Research – E-rank, Publisher Rocket and Google Trends.

Online Marketplace – Etsy

Print-on-demand Platforms – Amazon KDP, Printful, Printify, Woocommerce, and Shopify.

Email Marketing – Mailchimp

Social Media Marketing – Pinterest

As per marketing on social media, you can easily create accounts on different social media platforms for free to promote your products. I don’t advise  you to overwhelm yourself by signing up to all social media platforms, rather I teach you how to choose and use the best and most effective platforms to sell digital stationeries and my N0 1 choice is Pinterest.

I understand you might be totally new to some or all of these tech tools and platforms but you’ve got nothing to worry about because in each course, I will be showing you how to use them every step of the way.

Is there a support community for students?

Yes. Taking any course comes with access to an inclusive online community to give you on-going support and for you to interact with fellow students.

When you are a member of the community, you can ask both tech and non tech questions, quickly troubleshoot problems, join conversation threads and get feedback on your products and store.

Commercial Templates

What format are the commercial templates made in?

What format are the commercial templates made in?

Every template is made in canva and can be customized with the free version of Canva.

Can I sell the stationery products I create with the templates?

Yes. I hope you will. For every template you purchase, you are granted commercial rights to sell the end products made from the templates.

Kindly note that you cannot sell, share or redistribute the editable versions and the Canva links of these templates. You are required to only share the final products you create from the templates.

Do I need to purchase a course to access the templates?

Not at all. Even though my courses come with free commercial templates as an added bonus, you can still decide to purchase only templates without having to opt in to any course.

Can I sell the templates "As Is"?

I highly recommend that you customize and edit the templates to a resonable extent.

Some marketplaces like Etsy require any product produced even from commercial templates to still be unique in order to sell on Etsy.

It is important that you modify these templates to make them your own by swapping in your own fonts, colors, content, and changing the layout in noticeable ways.

What if I cannot customize the template I purchased?

I’ve got you. If you are having troubles customizing your templates, you can check out my tutorial hub where I drop free videos that can show you how to edit elements within the template. That way you can turn the templates into what ever product you deem fit.

If other stationery sellers will buy the same template, isn't it likely that we will all be selling the same products?

Worried about product over-saturation? Don’t be.

Not only can you change the colors, fonts, and patterns of the templates you can also edit the layout of what is on the pages themselves.
That being said, even just modifying the prompts and content of the template can make it  appeal to a completely unique audience, different from who the original design was created for. You can turn a business goal planner to maybe a travel planner or garden planner.

You can also consider creating bundles with other products to form a larger product. Or even create an entirely new product all together versus something that is similar to what was initially provided in the template.

That will help make the most competitive product for you since your design will stand out from others. 

What are Listing Images/Mockup Templates

Listing images and mockups are templates you can use on your store to display and showcase your products in real life context.

Can I sell the listing images/mockups?

No. You are not permitted to sell the editable canva links of the mockups/listing images. You are expected to only use the templates to display and showcase the digital stationeries you sell so that your customers can have a realistic view of your products.

Since you've got templates and video tutorials, do I still need to consider taking the courses?

The canva templates for commercial use will help you save a lot of time when creating your digital stationery products. The templates will give you a quick head start and simplify the entire process of designing and listing your products.

The courses on the other hand will not just show you how to create and market your products, you will learn how to build a profitable passive income business out of selling digital stationeries.

The courses cover the best practices for opening your store, choosing the stationery products to sell, carving a niche for your store, identifying your ideal audience, knowing the seasons to list certain products, and more.

You will learn from real case studies, be able to evaluate the growth and progress of your business and also have an online community to support your journey.