Are you an Etsy shop owner looking to expand your reach and drive more traffic to your online store? Look no further than Pinterest! With over 400 million active users, Pinterest is a powerful tool for promoting your Etsy shop and reaching new customers. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Pinterest effectively to grow your Etsy business. From setting up your account to creating eye-catching pins, we’ve got you covered. So, whether you’re a seasoned Pinterest user or just getting started, read on to learn how to take your Etsy shop to the next level with Pinterest.

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Pinterest for Etsy 2023

When used properly, Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool for your Etsy store. It is well worth the effort to put in the additional time and dedication to ensure that you are following the best practices for promoting your shop on Pinterest, as this will result in an increase in the amount of traffic that is directed to your store.

Pinterest is continually evolving, so it’s key to stay up to date on the latest improvements and ensure you’re using the platform correctly. However, in this article, you will learn the most up-to-date information about using Pinterest to promote your Etsy store in 2023.


If you don’t already have one, you should start by creating a Pinterest account to promote your Etsy store. Your existing personal account will need to be converted to a business account. When creating your account, y ou need to include your company name, a link to your online store, and the Etsy store where you sell your goods.

After signing up, you’ll have the option to fill out your profile with more extra information. At this point, you can either use an image of yourself or your logo as your main image. You can also include a banner with a sneak peek at some of your products, or it will automatically create a banner with some of your most recent pins.

In addition, you can give your profile a brief description, which is a fantastic place to put search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. Incorporating a description like this into your Pinterest profile might offer potential customers an idea of what they can anticipate from your business

How to make pins for your Etsy store

Do you want your pins to be seen by more people and favored by Pinterest’s algorithm? If you want to stand out on Pinterest, you need to make your own pins in the vertical format that the platform favors.

Where exactly can you do this? Canva is the finest tool for making pins for your Etsy store. Here, you can utilize designs that are already the exact dimensions for Pinterest, making it incredibly simple.

You’ll need a Canva account before you can make a pin on the website. Even while you may make the pins with a free account, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva Pro if you want access to more fonts, graphics, and other features.

After you’ve created your account, you’ll want to create a new design. Simply choose the Pinterest pin option from the selection, and a template in the appropriate size for Pinterest will appear.

Canva gives you the option of beginning with a blank canvas and designing something from scratch, or using one of their many premade templates. Include one or more images of your product, as well as some text describing what it is.

Keep the design straightforward if that’s what works best for you, but make sure the quality stands out and the product is shown off to its full potential.

Sharing your Pins

Create your pins, and then get them posted on Pinterest. In order to guarantee that your Pinterest pins get traction, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start sharing them.


When utilized correctly, keywords may be a very effective tool. Use search terms that people might use to find what you’ve pinned.

Both your title and description should use keywords that you believe your target market will use while searching online for what you’re selling. Pin descriptions such as “pearl necklace” or “pearl pendant” are appropriate when pinning an image of a pearl necklace, but avoid using Etsy.

This is because fewer individuals will be using Pinterest to search for “Etsy pearl necklaces.” You need only keep things straightforward and employ the language that your target audience actually use.


The next step in optimizing your product pins for Pitnerest is to include the appropriate keywords in the pin’s title and description. You are free to use as many of the title’s and description’s characters as you like to contain various phrases.

Because your business expands, you should also include some keyword phrases that include the name of your shop, as these potential customers may be looking for the products you sell on Pinterest.

Creating Pinterest Boards

For your pins to appear anywhere on Pinterest, you must first create boards. You should give them names with phrases that are related to the kinds of products you offer and that you believe customers will use when searching.

You want to have numerous Pinterest boards because you want to be able to spread your pins across many boards. You can now promote your pins in more places and through more channels.

To effectively market your shop, you want them to be broad enough to hold enough product pins. It’s not a good idea to have a small selection of Etsy items that fit that board; you should be able to fill it with a variety of items.

It’s important to give the board a descriptive name and a clear description, both of which might serve as places to insert relevant keywords. Even though keyword usage should be included naturally, it is essential that they be there.

Your Pinterest boards can also have sections added to them, allowing you to divide them into smaller sections for your products if you want to give the board a fairly generic name. You may divide a board titled “Fashion Jewelry” into “Necklaces” and “Bracelets,” for instance.


Using group boards is another thing you can do to promote your pins and get more people to see them. This is the area where many contributors pin to the same board. To put it simply, this gives you the chance to get your content seen by more people, including all of the followers. Searching for group boards is as easy as typing the board type’s name into the search field and selecting Boards from the dropdown menu in place of Pins.

As an alternative, you might visit a competitor and observe which group boards they participate in to get an idea of which ones would be a good fit for your own items. These can be found by visiting their profile, selecting “Saved,” then browsing their boards until you locate ones with numerous contributors. You might be able to determine this by looking at the bottom right corner of the board, where there are a few small photographs of other people.

As a result, your products will be pinned in front of the eyes of many other sellers and, potentially, buyers who are following the board.


Etsy also maintains an official Pinterest presence. Etsy constantly highlights sellers with their pins, increasing the likelihood that customers will discover and buy from the stores highlighted.

Etsy has categorized their boards so that customers may quickly find the items they are looking for. They facilitate the marketing efforts of vendors by keeping the purchasing process simple for customers.

Etsy recognizes that by promoting vendors, they will draw more shoppers, which is good for both the seller and Etsy. Many of the craft and vintage sellers who use Pinterest will likely sign up for an Etsy account as a result.

So, how do you employ Pinterest to promote your products? First and foremost, you should look at Etsy’s boards and sections. This makes it easier for you to determine where yours can go on their page.

Once you find a section that fits your product, look at the keywords that are used in the title and description. To improve your chances of having Etsy pin your products, include similar keyword phrases in your product pins.

Etsy also shares the pins of others, so you can follow them and get some inspiration from what they share.


Does the thought of constantly having to go in and pin seem like too much of a hassle to you? A useful resource called Tailwind exists. You can use this site to upload a batch of finished pins, complete with titles, descriptions, and links, before having them automatically uploaded to your Pinterest account at a later time.

A month’s worth of scheduling may be done in a single day with this method, saving you time that would otherwise be spent pinning items daily or every few days.

Time spent manually pinning to group boards can be reduced thanks to the scheduling feature.

You may test out the tool with 20 free pins/posts each month before committing to the $10/month subscription, so there’s no risk in giving it a try.

Pin from different accounts

You should be pinning from many accounts. Start  following other people and check out their boards to see if they have similar interests and personalities to your shop’s.

This can help you build a network of Pinterest followers who will begin to see the images you pin in their feed as they browse Pinterest. However, you want to be certain that you are also sharing pins that complement your style in order to attract customers with similar interests.

Sharing product pins from other sellers may seem counterintuitive, but doing so can actually boost sales on Etsy so long as the other seller is not a direct competitor.

If your feed is filled with many stunning photographs, people are more likely to follow your boards, which will raise your profile. As an example, if you’re in the business of selling necklaces, you could offer pins from other vendors who sell earrings, bracelets, or necklaces in a similar style but aren’t direct competitors. This expands the selection of products available to customers and gives them more reasons to visit your profile.

A Guide to Using Pinterest to Promote Your Etsy Store

Here are some additional pointers to help you successfully market your Etsy products on Pinterest.

Ask your customers to send in photos of themselves using your products; the best ones can be featured on your Pinterest board. Customers find it appealing when they can see your product in action.

Invest some effort into taking high-quality photos of your products. You need to make sure that the photographs of your products that you upload to Pinterest are of a high quality; otherwise, potential customers might not be compelled to click on them.

Regularly pin! Being consistent on PInterest is essential because the platform will regard you as a good provider of material, but you also want to be present for your buyers. The key is to pin regularly, but not so frequently that Pinterest flags your account as spam.

Pay close attention to your keywords and use them to create engaging titles and descriptions!

If you don’t want your pins stolen, remember to add a link to your store, your business name, a logo, etc.

Add a price. This will include your pins in the gift section, which will raise the likelihood that they’ll be searched more frequently. Additionally, this provides the opportunity to link directly to your shop from the pin.

Idea Pins for Etsy sellers

Idea pins are video pins that you may use to promote your product, your design process, and even yourself as a seller. You can use these pins on Pinterest. With the rise in popularity of video across all social media platforms, it’s an excellent time to start creating vertical video pins for all of your Etsy products.

You can make one video and use it to promote your business on Pinterest, Instagram Reel, Tik Tok, and Etsy.

Sadly, your idea pins can’t link to external sites, but the point is that good content can attract a following and attention to your business. The more followers you have on Pinterest, the more likely it is that people will check out your other pins and products. Alternatively, they may click the link on your profile.

Pinterest appears to be strongly promoting the concept of pins and has launched a creator rewards program that pays some creators for making videos.

Marketing Your Etsy Store on Pinterest

How can you use Pinterest to effectively market your store? This is a platform you should use, but you must approach it correctly and put in the time and work.

One thing to think about is whether you can offer something that is both special and one of a kind. Most Pinterest users are on the hunt for something truly unique, therefore if you want to sell your products successfully, you need to give your customers the impression that they are purchasing something truly special.

Create a community around your Etsy shop by actively engaging with your buyers. You can possibly encourage your customers to re-pin your content and tag or link to your it. This will provide potential customers an opportunity to read customer reviews and feedback, which will enhance the allure of your products.

Building a strong brand for your Etsy shop is another crucial component of Pinterest marketing. Maintain cohesion between your pins, your page’s logo and banner, and any photos you use of yourself. This will make you stand out on the platform and assist you to be recognized by customers.


Each and every Etsy customer has access to the powerful marketing tool that is Pinterest; it’s up to them to put in the time and effort necessary to fully utilize this resource. A shop can benefit greatly from such extensive advertising. Instead of counting solely on Etsy’s audience, you may expose your products to a wider audience.

Don’t pass up the chance to expand your Etsy business on Pinterest.